Suggestions to Follow When Screening Solar Companies

With the dramatic spike in the number of companies that are offering solar power solutions to property owners, we decided to draft some practical tips that will help make the process for screening solar companies much simpler.

Not All Solar Power Companies are Equal

You must hold on to this concept at all times when screening companies that are offering these solar power alternatives otherwise you will end up making the wrong choice and having to suffer the consequences of that decision. These questions will help you spot the firms that are not suitable in short order.

Is the company offering the solar installation local or national? There are many national companies that advertise but since you are making a substantial investment it would be wiser to deal with a local organization that has the experience and desire to provide their local customers with great service. Remove any firm that is not based near you leaving only those who have a physical presence in your community.

How many installations has the company performed in the last 12 months? What some companies do is focus on the number of years they have been in business which is one metric to use but a more comprehensive statistic is finding out how many installations the company has performed in the last year. The more installations the firm has completed the more experience they have which is a positive sign.  After you have determined which of these firms have completed the greatest number of installations the next step is to start comparing the quotes.

Tips on How to Compare Solar Power Quotes

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Have each of the solar power companies provide you with a comprehensive quote that will itemize all of the equipment required to meet the ongoing energy needs of your home. This quote should cover all of the upfront costs and it should also have a section dedicated to warranties. When purchasing a solar power system for your home there is a remote risk that something could go wrong and if it does you could find yourself forced to pay out of your own pocket for the repairs plus not having access to electricity when you need it. The extended warranty is designed to provide you with peace of mind for a nominal fee provided you have properly screened the company offering the warranty.

Since we are on the topic of money we should talk about how you intend to pay for the installation of the solar power system. These systems can be fairly expensive to install and unless you have the cash to pay for it all you will need to finance it. The companies that are installing the solar system will usually offer financing but think about shopping around to see whether the deal they are quoting you is the best one out there. If you are satisfied with the track record of the company offering the solar power system installation and the financing terms then you can move ahead and start saving money on electricity.