Making a Living as a Professional Blogger

If you are like me you probably dreamed of quitting your job and working for yourself. The problem is we don’t have rich parents to turn to for help and don’t have any world changing ideas that will give us the income needed to stay alive. One option is to become a professional blogger but don’t let the word “professional” scare you, it simply means you get paid to produce content.

One way you can realize this goal of becoming a professional blogger is to use YouTube and you may need to buy YouTube views at the start it won’t take long before you start making an income.

Building a YouTube Channel

The first thing you have to do is figure out what it is you are passionate about or have great insight in. For me it was talking about financial related products and services name mortgages. When you have found what it is you are interested in talking about you will need to do some key word research so you can figure out what are the most popular keywords people use when searching on the topic you will be talking about. This keyword research is free and could provide you with some insight into keywords or approaches you never considered before.

Putting Your Plan in Action

When you have ironed out the details of what it is you want to talk about you need to write a script so you have something to follow when coming up with the content. If you try to freestyle it without a script at the start you will sound unorganized and that will scare aware visitors (trust me). Try to keep your total amount of talk time to around five minutes or so and build in a call to action asking the viewer to “like”, “subscribe” and “share” your YouTube video with their social network. Whenever these viewers hit “like” it is sending a message to YouTube and Google that the video is enjoyed so it will rank higher the next time someone is searching for whatever it is you are talking about.

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Making Money from Your Content

You can sign up with YouTube to monetize your content. Whenever someone watches your video they are going to be exposed to advertisements. Depending on the type of advertisement and how many people watch it you will be able to earn some income. Don’t plan on making millions the first few months you are doing this as you need to build up a critical mass of viewers.

One way to streamline the building of this critical mass is to buy YouTube views from reputable companies. By investing in this type of advertising at the early stages of your fledgling career as a professional blogger you are shortening the amount of time it takes to start making money. The most important thing you can do is make sure the content is fresh and you post new stuff often so people have a reason to come back to your YouTube channel. The moment you finish reading this you can start working on the script for your YouTube content, you will be happy you made the effort.