Sweat With Kayla, The Fitness App You’ll Love

Fitness gurus have been around for decades. From the aerobics videos that people did at home way back to the YouTube gurus of today, fitness gurus have always been there to help people get their dream bodies. Kayla Itsines is one of the modern day gurus that has achieved international fame. Her Bikini Body Guide exploded all around the world with many celebrities swearing by it. It’s clear to see that Kayla knows what she’s talking about when you look at her own figure, which is the epitome of healthy.  Kayla has come a long way from her initial Bikini Body Guide fame and now has her own app, Sweat by Kayla.

Sweat by Kayla

When asked why she changed the name of her workouts from Bikini Body Guide to Sweat by Kayla, Itsines stated that her message has always been about being healthy, not skinny. She believed that the words “Bikini Body” might be having the opposite effect on her fans and influence them to focus exclusively on how they looked, rather than how fit they were becoming while doing her workouts. While it’s still true that you’ll lose weight and tone your body by following a Kayla Itsines workout plan, this is merely side effect, not the goal that she has in mind. She wants to promote health to her followers. Kayla believes that leading an active lifestyle while also eating healthy foods is not only the best way to look good, but to feel good too.

Fans have responded to this change well with more and more people coming on board with Kayla Itsines and her workouts. Her fitness app has been immensely successful with her followers praising it in the Sweat with Kayla Review posts that are so plentiful. The app itself is an easy way to follow her workouts since it keeps track of which workouts you’ve completed and the progress you’ve made towards your goals. There aren’t many other fitness apps of its kind available and this one is definitely one of the easier ones to use.

The workouts themselves are fairly simple, with familiar moves such as burpees being included into the workouts. The key to losing weight with these workouts is repetition and high intensity, both which is included in Kayla’s workouts. While her workouts are technically full body muscle workouts, the intensity and speed at which they are done makes it double for cardio as well, thus toning and strengthening muscles while also burning fat simultaneously.

Once you lose weight, your newly defined muscles will become more apparent. This might take a while and depending on genetics certain areas will hold onto fat longer than others, but persevering with these workouts will make your entire body stronger and eventually leaner as well. When you look at Kayla’s body and the body of a skinny girl who starves herself, the difference is clear. Eating well and exercising often leads to a slimmer body type that it still strong, not fragile.